Warranty Policy

Magnatrack Defective Product Policy

If you receive a Magnatrack product that doesn’t work on arrival contact us immediately for instructions on the defect validation process at using “possible defect” in the subject line. If it is in fact a trigger failure due to manufacturing we will rush out a replacement at no cost to you.

Magnatrack Triggers 1 Year Limited Warranty

How To Obtain Warranty Service
You must provide an original receipt of proof of purchase, and must be included with shipment of goods to be inspected by Magnatrack Service Department.
Freight, boxes, packaging and insurance is the sole responsibility of the original purchaser. Magnatrack will NOT provide these items for warranty returns.
Magnatrack Service Department is solely responsible to provide a valid warranty adjustment, repair, or replacement. Assessments made or performed by any other entity will result in voiding any implied warranty.