Our Low Volume Electronic Cymbals are masterfully crafted to our exacting specifications. This means a well-crafted cymbal that’s built for electronic conversion and precision triggering.  The cymbals are not the thin, fragile type offered by other brands.

Our perforation design gives you a truly natural feel whether your a heavy hitter or have a more subtle approach. We spent years perfecting the best Low Volume Cymbal for triggering not keeping the neighbors off your back. Our LV cymbals are the first cymbal of it’s kind to incorporate design features that greatly enhance triggering accuracy. While other Low Volume e-cymbals rely on a DIY type trigger box located under the strike surface, Cymbolic Series Cymbals are specifically designed to be paired with our Low Volume Cymbal triggers.

Includes our REMEDY HC-2 by MAGNATRACK!
Now you can play your Low Volume Cymbal electronic hats just like they are acoustic using the included Magnatrack Remedy HC-2 Hi-Hat controller.

Pack Includes

  • 20″ RIDE – DUAL-ZONE (includes 2 piezo triggers for a dual-zone ride –
    (requires using 2 separate piezo inputs on drum module).
  • 18″ CRASH Single Zone LVCT piezo trigger
  • 16″ CRASH Single Zone LVCT piezo trigger
  • 14″ PAIR Hi-Hats  Dual Zone LVCT piezo triggers –
    (requires using 2 separate piezo inputs on drum module).
  • 1 Magnatrack Remedy HC-2*

*This electronic hi-hat controller works with all drum modules like Roland, Alesis, Pearl, and now Yamaha!
*Variation in HC2 design to work with some Alesis modules
*Variation in HC2 wiring to work with some Yamaha modules
*Variation in HC2 design to work with the Iron Cobra Hi-Hat pedal.  If you have this Hi-Hat pedal please add in notes at checkout.
*Additional Hi-Hat Stand required.
*Included Triggers need to be installed after shipping.