Cymbolic 16″ Single Zone Electronic Crash Cymbal




Our Reduced Volume e-cymbals are masterfully crafted to our exacting specifications. This means a well-crafted cymbal that’s built for electronic conversion and precision triggering. The cymbals are not the thin, fragile type offered by other brands.

Our perforation design gives you a truly natural feel whether your a heavy hitter or have a more subtle approach. We spent years perfecting the best Reduced Volume Cymbal for triggering not keeping the neighbors off your back.

Our RV cymbals are the first cymbal of it’s kind to incorporate design features that greatly enhance triggering accuracy. While other Low Volume e-cymbals rely on a DIY type trigger box located under the strike surface, Cymbolic Series RV Cymbals are specifically designed to be paired with our MT-LVCT Triggers.



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When drummer Scott O’Malley contacted us in search of an upgrade to his electronic cymbal setup the timing couldn’t have been any better. When it comes to drummers that can play any style, and cover songs as good (often better) as the original, Scott has skills few can match. With a schedule that has him playing an ungodly setlist of over 60 songs nearly every night, we knew we found the perfect guy to test the limits of our new Cymbolic Series E-Cymbals.

“Hey guys,
I just wanted to let you know I used the cymbals last night for our show. I’m very impressed by your triggers accuracy and reliability. They look amazing and I love the low profile design of the new MT-IZTII triggers. No big bulky box hanging awkwardly from the cymbals is a game changer. I’m looking forward to receiving the chokes, so as soon as you can get them to me that would be great!
I dig the natural acoustic feel of the cymbals and the way the zones have a bit of natural bleed between the triggers is something I didn’t consider possible. Great cymbals guys! Thank you again!!”
Scott O’Malley of PASSION – LAS VEGAS

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Cymbolic cymbal pack
August 30, 2019

We recently placed an order for a set of the cymbolic cymbals with your triggers and we have absolutely loved them. They are phenomenal so first of all thank you for that. You also sent us a drum trigger to try out which we have also been thrilled with.  Given how great your cymbal triggers work we’d love to switch over to Magnatrack drum triggers too.

16″ Cymbolic crash cymbal
June 29, 2019

I have finally had a chance to sit down and play the 16" Cymbolic crash cymbal and I have to tell you, it is now my go-to cymbal - this cymbal is exactly what I wanted.  My Cymbolic cymbal allows me to finish off a tune with power while allowing me to use the crash as a ride cymbal without it over-powering the beat.  My only real complaint is that I didn't order the set.

Thanks Magnatrack - Love my cymbal!

Our triggers are piezo based and are compatible with all models.
*piezo is popular inside the industry, however, some models may have trigger inputs that are both switch and piezo and may need to be configured to piezo in the module trigger setup. Some modules have the hybrid option for switch and piezo and in some cases, some module may not support piezo trigger on some inputs. (Example: ride) however, there are options for how you hook up.

Check to see what level your global trigger sensitivity is set to?  If it on low or medium you will need to change it to high.  After doing this you may need to lower your trigger volumes.  Your individual trigger settings should be set to the lowest sensitivity that will work.  Please consult your modules’ manual for more details.

Our triggers and cymbals can be choked using our Low Volume Cymbal Choke MT-LVC

Please read our policy on International Shipping

Every trigger comes with our custom TRS cable for thru vent access thru the shell.

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