Our new Mini-mag Drum Trigger has a small footprint with all the sensitivity needed to trigger an 18″ Floor Tom or 22″ Kick. Internal mounted Includes Through Vent Cable 3.5mm – 6.35mm


  • 5 ea Mini-Mag Head Trigger
  • 5 ea Thru-Vent Cable
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Magnatrack’s MINI-MAG is an internally side mounted trigger that offers complete coverage of drumheads 8-22 inches without any dead spots. We achieved this after countless hours researching and testing hundreds of foam polymer combinations. What we arrived at is the perfect amount of sensitivity and control without any velocity gapping whatsoever. Despite it being a side mounted trigger center hits respond in true acoustic fashion without the annoying concern of avoiding center head stikes common to center mounted triggers.

Advantages over other triggers

  • Use any ply drum head
  • Side mounting
  • No velocity gapping
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Increased accuracy
  • Install in minutes
  • No crosstalk


  • 1 ea Mini-Mag Head Trigger
  • 1 ea Thru-Vent Cable

How It Works

Each trigger is mounted to our specially designed bracket for maximum adjustment and universal compatibility.

Dedicated Zones

Each instance of a MINI-MAG is set to a single zone allowing the trigger to breathe. Without another zone tied to each trigger, the MINI-MAG doesn’t have to consider the compromises that come from single body dual zone triggers.


goes like this

Coming Soon!

Our triggers are piezo based and are compatible with all models.
*piezo is popular inside the industry, however, some models may have trigger inputs that are both switch and piezo and may need to be configured to piezo in the module trigger setup. Some modules have the hybrid option for switch and piezo and in some cases, some module may not support piezo trigger on some inputs. (Example: ride) however, there are options for how you hook up.

Please read our policy on International Shipping

Every trigger comes with our custom TRS cable for thru vent access thru the shell.

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